Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I honestly don't even know where to begin... It ALL started back when Blake was about 18 months old but I don't have the time to go back THAT far so I guess I have to do a short summary for now.

So at 18 months we kinda noticed a "switch" flip for him. He seemed to be a normal, happy, healthy, baby boy. But then again he was our first and what the heck did we know about boys or raising kids or anything at that point. We asked other parents and read articles and keep plugging along. The more and more he seemed to do things that just didn't add up I kept wondering. He would get very angry and had massive outbursts and would not be able to be consoled. This all went on and on. I continued to speak with the pediatrician to no regard.

At the age of 3 I finally got him tested by the State and they agreed he had some delays. They placed him in Early Education Preschool and began preschool through the State. What a blessing. He did his second year of preschool in what is termed Child Find. He was surrounded by "typical peers" started his IEP path (a whole new world to me) and was taught by a fabulous special education teacher with years of experience.

We still had no formal diagnosis for Blake and that was a struggle. He continued to have behavioral problems at home with outbursts and tantrums and behavioral issues but school was great. He loved school and did well.

At the end of his preschool year we were able to get him seen at the UNLV and they did genetic testing on him. After lots of testing and questions they gave him a diagnosis of sensory processing disorder, and anxiety. They unfortunately could not diagnosis with Fetal Alcohol Disorder but only because the paperwork that we have from his birthmother specifically states that she did not drink alcohol. All signs and symptoms of FAS are present though.

We have now found a new pediatrician and on the very first visit we walked in and he looked at Blake and said "he has FAS doesn't he", and he also said "has someone diagnosed him with ADHD"? These are both things that he is now being treated for. Our new pediatrician and listened to our concerns and helped and we are grateful we were referred to him.

Meanwhile we have taken Blake to Occupational Therapy since the age of 5. We have also taken him to countless specialists including pediatric orthopedic surgeons for toe walking (which he still does), and then physical therapy to help with the toe walking, and night braces to help with the toe walking. He also went to a neurologist to check for cerebral palsy. He had to be sedated to receive a brain MRI to check for any brain abnormality. He was going to a family therapist. All of this was done on a weekly basis for months, if not years!

Oh and I might add it was all out of pocket. Most kids are placed in adoption with Medicaid but for some reason (still not totally sure why) when we adopted with LDS Family Services if we had personal insurance the child was placed under our insurance and we did not receive Medicaid. It is not that I wish we had Medicaid but sometimes I really do. We have been denied services due to having private insurance. We have massive medical bills due to all the therapy and treatments.

We did some research and hard thinking and have recently decided that something had to change. This was affecting our family life, our attitudes, our other two children, Blake and his quality of life. We have found a new direction and therapy program that we have just begun and are hoping it is going to be life changing for Blake and for all of us.

Wish us luck.

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