Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catching up

So life is moving along day to day here... I know everyone loves to read blogs because they like to look at the pictures but right now I don't have computer is being will have to come later!

Summer is here and it is too hot to do too many things outside. We are swimming at least once a week and Blake is doing awesome! He loves the water and is still going strong with this swim lessons. We are blessed to have found such a great swim teacher. Thank you Ella!

He is also doing great and is now pretty much potty trained. I was DREADING this time of his life and not sure what to expect. I had heard tons of stories and wasn't quite ready to start. I was thinking we would start to think about it closer to the end of summer or when he was almost 3 (in November) but due to a HORRIBLE diaper rash we had no choice. Well... that was a Thursday, on June 14th, and up until today we have really only had about 3-4 accidents. He of course is not night trained yet and naps are hit and miss but to me that is pretty good!

Blake is however giving us a run for our money with tantrums lately! He seems to have gone back to the terrible twos. He was doing okay for a while but we have entered the tantrum phase and REALLY entered it. I hope this one doesn't last too long and we can get our sweet, fun-loving boy back. I don't like to complain too much about him, or harp on the negative but he really is draining some days and (just like most 2 1/2 year old boys) really knows how to make life miserable for all those around him. But we love him and can see the sweet Spirit that he has and are so blessed he is in our family and in our home.

Chelsea is growing bigger every day it seems. We have heard from the attorney that all is well on the termination of birthparent that is good news. We also know that all should be well and we should expect that we should be going to court to finalize her adoption in the beginning of September and then go to the temple thereafter. Such fun and exciting things to look forward to.

She is a very sweet addition to our home. She is a very happy, calm and content baby. She sleeps through the night, eats well, loves to watch her brother jump around crazy, and she is laughing and ALMOST rolling over. She just turned four months old and we can't believe how fast time is going by!

Like I said... we are just going by day by day and trying to enjoy every moment. Things get busy and hectic but we are trying to remember to just slow down when we can and enjoy the small things, do what needs to be done and let other things wait.

I will post pictures of some of the fun things we have been able to spend time doing soon.


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